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office plants
& garden maintenance

For 30 years Heathlands Plantcare, based in Camberley, Surrey, has been supplying mainly the corporate and public services sector with office plants, window boxes, garden maintenance and flower displays for events across London, Surrey, Hampshire and the Home Counties.

Heathlands quality of cut flower displays has been recognised by many organisations. Heathlands has won awards for its summer bedding and hanging basket work and have been commissioned to provide flower arrangements for royal openings.

We cover the Surrey, Berkshire and surrounding counties as well as the London area for all aspects of indoor plant rental, displays and maintenance.

Covid-19 Outbreak Notice

We appreciate the actions taken by our customers to protect themselves and others from corona virus Covid-19. We will use the extra sanitisers and cleansers provided.
We ask those customers who are closing their offices and turning off lights to move any plants they can near to natural light sources. Please ensure also that some residual heating remains on.

Healthlands Plantcare will be adopting the following additonal precautions for the duration of the outbreak;

  1. ● each van has alcohol hand sanitiser as long as stocks last.
  2. ● each staff member is washing hands regularly as directed by the NHS and will be provided with disposable gloves.
  3. ● as far as is possible each staff member will maintain distance separation from customers and others.

Please follow the following link for a full letter which we are ciculating to to all our customers and supplies, on what we are doing during this Coronavirus epidemic and to ask what your plans are with respect to access to your offices.
Covid-19 Letter

London &
Home Counties

Telephone :
Heathlands Plantcare : 01276 681716


Heathlands provides office and private garden maintenance, including; Grass Cutting, Planting, Hedge Trimming, Garden Clearance, Pruning, Fertiliser application, Autumn leaf cleanup, Pest Control and Pavement sweeping for London, Surrey and the south-east.

Corporate &
Public Events

We provide award winning flower arrangements and temporary plant displays to meet all types of events in the coporate and public sector.

As with all our services, we cover the London area, Surrey, Berkshire and surrounding counties.

Office Plants
for Hire

We supply office plants to suit all environments, each in its own stylish container. We can arrange for a consultant to visit your premises & go through the range of plants that would best suit your workplace. Real plants make offices more comfortable by replacing moisture removed from the air by air conditioning.

Charity Bedding Plants Sale

discounted bedding plants
Last year one of our larger customers was unable to take some £6,000.00 worth of summer bedding plants.

Because of last year's Covid-19 trading restrictions, one of our customers was unable to take their regular order of £6000 worth of grown to order bedding plants.

We wished to avoid these plants going to waste and at the same time help my customer out and was able to offer them at heavily discounted prices. We gave 25% of the proceeds of this sale to the Frimley Health Charity, (in support of Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust). Thanks to your support last year we were able to raise £2,000 for this excellent cause and following that success, this year we were able to raise a further £3,600.00 for the Frimley health Charity from the plant sale, Mary doing the work and Heathlands Plantcare donating the materials sold.
Read more about last year's campaign here: Husband and wife raise £2,000! : Frimley Health Charity

Covid-19 Precautions & advice

We wanted to get in touch to assure you that Heathlands Plantcare are doing all we can to meet the challenges that are arising from the COVID-19 virus.

Our maintenance technicians are aware of the prevention measures to be taken when attending client offices and have been issued with a supply of hand sanitiser. We have asked our technicians to wear gloves, then thoroughly wash their hands with warm water and soap between each site.

We are also aware that some buildings are looking to reduce the attendance of contractors. As we provide you with a live product, we need to work with these situations to try and ensure that we can continue to visit your premises. This will enable us to meet our contractual obligations of caring for the planting, and to ensure that they are kept alive, watered, free of pests and diseases and to avoid costly plant replacements due to lack of care. We will be more than happy to assist if you have any questions around this - we are certainly more than happy to explore solutions to try and minimise contact as much as possible if necessary.

We are communicating regularly with staff to keep them updated and should there be further recommendations from the government, we will be back in touch with you again.

We would like to assure you of our full commitment through these challenging times.

- John Gillespie, Heathlands Plantcare

Benefits of Office
Plants and the


Plants in light will photosynthesise and therefore improve your carbon footprint by removing CO2. The carbon remains fixed in the plant while the oxygen is released to the atmosphere.

Indoor atmospheres often contains traces of complex hydrocarbons and other chemicals that evaporate from inks, furnishing materials, plastics etc. Plants have been shown to reduce the presence of some of these.

Plants and their compost make offices more comfortable by replacing moisture removed from the air by air conditioning.

Read More about the health benefits:

First impressions

We understand that in business, first impressions count, which is why we believe that it's vitally important to keep the exterior of your building looking clean, healthy and tidy. Healthlands Plantcare supply a competitive Grounds Maintenance Service which ensures that exterior landscapes are kept to a very high standard. We can offer a range of services, on a bespoke contract that suits your needs. Our services include landscape design, landscape installation, and landscape maintenance.

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Why Choose Heathlands Plantcare?

meeting room
We're a small family firm, ensuringly flexibility, Responsiveness & we're passionate about how our work enhances the environment

At Heathlands Plantcare the fact that we're a small family firm ensures we are flexibile; able to taylor services to individual client needs, such as sale only, sale with maintenence, maintenance of plants the client already owns, we can offer weekly or fortnightly service; whatever suits you, the customer best.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness; many of the items we supply are available within a few days, (some of the larger competitors make clients wait weeks).

Our waste disposal may be eccentric- but very environmentally friendly. For example; autumn leaves are swept where possible to concealment under shrub borders to form a mulch, the rest are spread in our chicken run giving the birds a dry and clean surface which they love to peck around in while it turns to wonderful compost. Returned houseplants plants such as Guzmanias and Phalaenopsis are fed to guinea pigs and chickens or used in our lizard vivaria where the crickets and locusts will feed on them.

We're passionate about how our work enhances the environment both inside and out for both humans and wildlife.

Serving London, Surrey, Hampshire and the Home Counties

Telephone Heathlands Plantcare : 01276 681716


Plants & flowers

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Heathlands Plantcare

Serving London, Surrey & the home counties

Landscape Planting
& Maintenance

We have extensive experience in working with clients to create planting schemes that are visually strong and give your visitors a great impression. If you're looking to introduce an exciting, interesting planting scheme that will add value to your business then speak to us. We are currently serving customers throughout London and the Home Counties; Berkshire, including Reading, Bracknell, Slough and Newbury, Surrey including Guildford, Croydon, Reigate, Woking and Leatherhead.

  • Heatherbank, 9 Church Hill, Camberley, Surrey GU15 2HA 01276 681716