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Covid-19 Outbreak Letter

This letter is being sent to our customers and suppliers
We are writing to let you know what we are doing during this Coronavirus epidemic and to ask what you plans are with respect to access to your offices.

Many of my customers have closed their offices and only a few have been able to allow access. Some customers have kindly helped the plants by moving them near windows before the lights went out.

Lin, my Service Technician, turned 75 last Saturday so I have asked her to self isolate. Unfortunately I have run out of gloves and have so far failed to obtain any more (Screwfix for example have rightly donated all of theirs to the NHS). To carry out internal plant servicing without gloves puts myself and therefore anyone at home at risk. I am willing to carry out plant service where I can do so safely (empty or nearly empty offices) subject to obtaining the necessary PPEs.

I expect to have time available so have volunteered my services and idle vehicles (for such as delivering medication or food to the vulnerable). AVIVA agreed to insure my vehicles if they are used by volunteer drivers.

We are all in this together and we have a responsibility to the continuation of the overall economy.- so I have taken the following actions:
  1. ● Continuing to pay my staff as long as I can afford to.
  2. ● Paying all my suppliers' bills up to date and continuing supply of services which might otherwise be reduced or cancelled.

I have yet to decide what I can do for customers - in particular because some customers have told me they are benefiting from the crisis (eg internet services ) while others (eg in travel and hospitality) are so severely down they cannot afford to pay.

I am also expecting that there will be significant cost in putting plants right that are suffering as a result of office close-downs (lack of light and water). Susie is now doing my accounts from home- but I found it difficult to source the printer and laptop she needed to do so- we succeeded at significant cost.

I would like especially to know what you are saying to your customers about service (and billing).

Most clients are entitled to cancel at one month's notice. If you wish to and are able to carry on, all losses and replacements to plants resulting from the shut down will be borne by us.

Let me know what you decide.
Keep well
John Gillespie BSc. MApplSc.
Heathlands Plantcare