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Our Services

Office Plants

We supply office plants to suit all environments, each in its own stylish container. We can arrange for a consultant to visit your premises and go through the range of office plants and containers that would best suit your workplace. Air conditioned office environments are sometimes uncomfortably dry. Plants have a slight humidifying effect.

Corporate & Public Events

We provide flower arrangements and temporary plant displays to meet all types of events. As with all our services, we cover the Surrey, Berkshire and surrounding counties as well as the London area. On occasions we have been commissioned to provide flower arrangements for royal openings.

Garden Maintenance

Heathlands provides office and private garden maintenance, including; Grass Cutting, Planting, Hedge Trimming, Garden Clearance, Pruning, Fertiliser application, Autumn leaf cleanup, Pest Control and Pavement sweeping. Heathlands has also won awards for its summer bedding and hanging basket work.

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Commercial Garden and Grounds Design & Maintenance

We deliver a range of services, that include a flexible approach to grounds maintenance contracts that can be tailored programmes to work with and around your business. We work closely with you to establish your requirements and then put in place a plan that meets those needs and your budget.

All of our services are carried out by qualified, trained professionals who will offer advice and recommendations where necessary.

Program for Any Budget

Call us today to find out more about our gardens and grounds maintenance services

We provide a safe, reliable and trustworthy service at competitive rates. Our team of uniformed staff will work on any garden, or commercial grounds whatever its condition so why not give us a call and request a free quotation.

Many of our customers opt for a comprehensive grounds maintenance care contract. This provides a year-round maintenance service that is tailored to suit the specific needs of your site. Typically, this service will include: lawn care, hedge trimming and reshaping, weed control, seasonal bedding, risk assessments, methods of work and site reports.

Living Walls & Living Pictures

living wall plants London
Create a wall collage or even entire Living Wall by installing multiple Live Pictures

Live Pictures and Live Walls are a stylish and space-saving solution to the use of plants in any interior environment. Rooms with limited space for plant pots will benefit from wall-mounted placement of a Live Picture.

Add vertical green innovation to your living, learning or work environment with the impressive LivePicture GO. Its simplicity means you don’t even need green fingers to enjoy the beauty of plants. LivePicture GO has its own indicator that will let you know when the water tank needs filling. It has enough water storage capacity to supply sufficient water for at least 4 weeks. LivePicture GO has a capillary feature within the plant cassette ensuring the plants are supplied with the correct amount of water without you needing to think about it.

We supply LIVEPICTURE®, a registered trademark of Mobilane bv.
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In situations where real plants would not survive due to lack of light, consider an artificial green wall.

Signature Panels of hyper-realistic foliage are beautiful, hassle-free to maintain and come at a fraction of the cost of living plants. Artificial green walls are designed to stand up to even the most challenging conditions; from no natural light, to harsh direct sun in difficult to access locations.

Here's five good reasons to choose Vistagreen artificial walls installed by Heathlands Plantcare:

● Beautiful, ultra-realistic greenery to rival the real thing ● Customise with the unique Colour Box system ● Unique fixing system allows easy installation and cleaning ● Fire rating suitable for interior placement ● All environments and weathers (UV stable, wind and freeze tested).

Quick and easy to install, and requires no maintenance. At Heathlands Plantcare we are now an approved installer of Vistagreen's range of products.

living wall plants London

Office Services

Modern buildings tend to be sealed tight and heavily insulated to reduce energy consumption. However, this results in less air exchange with the outside world. Chemicals from the insulation and other construction materials, synthetic furnishings, cleaning products and electrical equipment, all build up in the building. We breathe and rebreathe this polluted air again and again. Headaches, nausea, sore and itchy eyes, loss of concentration and other symptoms are all associated with sick building syndrome.

The introduction of interior plants has been proven to reduce these symptoms significantly. Our interior landscape specialists have a wealth of experience, installing and maintaining everything from desk-top displays to large atria.